Bok-bok staan styf

"Bok-bok staan styf"
“Bok-bok staan styf”

Title: “Bok-bok staan styf”, by Andries Bezuidenhout, charcoal on paper, 53×42cm, 2016

The title of the drawing comes from an obscure Afrikaans children’s game. “Bok-bok staan styf, hoeveel vingers het jy op jou lyf?” An attempt at an English translation does not seem to shed any light on its meaning: “Buck-buck stand up straight (or tight), how many fingers on your body?”  

Price: R1 500


Series: “Nanny”

Title: “Nanny I” and “Nanny II”, by Andries Bezuidenhout, charcoal on paper, 20 x 14 cm on A3 and 23 x 14 on A3

These two drawings are dedicated to the South African academic Ena Jansen, who writes on childcare and domestic labour in Afrikaans literature.

Price: R2 000 for the series of two   For sales contact: admin[at]

Series: “Huishoudelike patente”

Series of 12 titled: “Huishoudelike patente”, ink, charcoal and acrylic on reproductions of sketches made to register patents, size A4, by Andries Bezuidenhout

Artist’s statement: “Working on my second book of poetry, titled ‘Veelvuldige gebruike vir huishoudelike toestelle’ [Tr: Multiple uses for domestic appliances], got me interested in sketches drawn for patent registrations. I downloaded a range of these sketches from the web – from very old patents for refrigerators and washing machines to more recent ones for computers and cellular phone applications. Since they were public record and therefore in the public domain, I wanted to use these as graphics for the poetry book. However, often the reproductions were of such poor quality that they pixelated terribly. I decided to work on them, mostly with ink and charcoal, and in one case (number XII), acrylic paint. I couldn’t help but chuckle at myself for manipulating sketches made by other people in order to protect their intellectual property. Patent sketches are not drawn as art, but I think the best ones lend themselves to the creation of art. The Afrikaans title for the series is ‘Huishoudelike patente’. I guess one could translate this as ‘Patently domestic’. The English translation actually works better than the original, I think. Maybe these sketches capture in some unintended way how I feel about the forthcoming book of poetry.”

Price: R10 000 for the series       For sales contact admin[at]

More on the book of poetry Veelvuldige gebruike vir huishoudelike toestelle (in Afrikaans).