The Original Sharp Street Studio, Yeoville

Title: “The Original Sharp Street Studio, Yeoville”, by Andries Bezuidenhout, oil on canvas, 29.5×41.5cm.

This painting was made for Willem Moller, South African guitarist and sound engineer, who mixed Andries’ solo album “Onplaats” at the beginning of 2020. Willem’s original recording studio was located in Yeoville, Johannesburg. A number of classic South African albums were recorded here, including the Blues Broers’ album “Sharp Street”. Willem was also a member of the famous (or notorious) Gereformeerde Blues Band, which played with the late Johannes Kerkorrel, an important figure in Afrikaans anti-apartheid music from the late-1980s onward. Willem now lives and works in Glencairn, a settlement near Simon’s Town in the Western Cape, but his studio is still called Sharp Street. The painting depicts a typical Yeoville street scene, with an Edwardian cottage, an Art Deco apartment block, and a Jacaranda tree in the background.

Price: Not for sale