Title: “Kimberley”, by Andries Bezuidenhout, oil on canvas, 25×25cm, 2017

A small townscape from Kimberley, the historical heart of diamond mining in South Africa and where the use of prison labour by Cecil John Rhodes led to the invention of the miners compound in South Africa.

Price: R2 500

Kunstenaarshuis, Rosendal

"Kunstenaarshuis, Rosendal"
“Kunstenaarshuis, Rosendal”

Title: “Kunstenaarshuis, Rosendal”, by Andries Bezuidenout, oil on canvas, 42×59.5cm, 2016

The home of Willem and Linda Pretorius, Rosendal in South Africa’s Free State province, near the Lesotho border. Willem is a landscape painter, but has also won a number of awards for portraits.

Price: Not for sale

Sunday night, Cullinan

"Sunday night, Cullinan"
“Sunday night, Cullinan”

Title: “Sunday night, Cullinan: And there are no diamonds in the mine”, by Andries Bezuidenhout, oil on canvas, 40×50cm

Cullinan is a diamond mining town near Pretoria. One of the world’s biggest diamonds was discovered here. The title refers to a song by Leonard Cohen.
Price: R4 000